Ariadne – a Mess

A multi-emotional puppetry solo woven of cultural identities, antique myths and magnificent art of manipulation.

Kulttuuri-identiteetistä, Antiikin myytistä ja manipuloinnin hämmästyttävästä taiteesta yhteenkudottu, multiemotionaalinen nukketeatterisoolo 

It’s not easy to be a Finn. The one without a decent history or self-esteem, who looks like a potato. The one who can’t open their mouth and is better with moose than with people. I would change all my great inherited nature-relationships for even a little bit of Mediterranean cultural heritage and social skills. And I would sacrifice all that is or has ever been mine, if somebody like that, not like me, loved me back. 

Ariadne – A Mess is a multi-emotional tragicomedy and a one woman puppetry show made out of identity questions, ugly knitted puppets with very big eyes and hearts and the antique myth of Ariadne (you know, the one with the ball of yarn, and the labyrinth, and the Minotaur…). The surrealistic text weaves together the stories from Minoan culture to Finnish quasi folklore and as a result we end up in the labyrinth of roots and loves and overwhelming silences. This show is also its creator Merja Pöyhönens’ personal quest to learn ventriloquism and speak with as many voices as humanly possible. 

This long-awaited premiere is about the thirtieth attempt of the trailblazer new-wave puppetry collective Kuuma Ankanpoikanen (Dirty Duckling) to make a perfect show in the magnificent field of puppetry art. 

”Esitys oli todella nautittava, vaikken osaakaan englantia!”
– Katsojapalaute

”Different kinds of puppets come alive effortlessly in Pöyhönen’s skillful hands. The performance is charmingly visual in DIY style”
– Turun Sanomat

“The knit and woven characters are essential to the performance but the star of the show is Merja Pöyhönen!”
– Demokraatti

The perfomance has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Turku Theatre Foundation, Aura of Puppets



Concept, script, performing:
Merja Pöyhönen

Merja Pöyhönen
Eve Mäkitalo
Hanne Lammi
Helena Markku

Light design:
Essi Santala

Sound dramaturgy:
Antti-Juhani Manninen
Merja Pöyhönen

Antti-Juhani Manninen

Assistant of everything:
Eve Mäkitalo

Produced by:
Kuuma Ankanpoikanen
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